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The Tall Ships were in Cleveland this week. They really are spectacular! They arrived on Wednesday & were gathered at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River thru Sunday.  The public could board the boats, and short trips continuously kept the ships moving.

Tall Ships

Tall Ships

Rather than joining the throngs for a chance to be jostled onboard, hurried off, and otherwise treated like cattle, we elected to view the ships from the comfort of our own little ship.  We motor-sailed by, as near as I dared (I manned the helm, Geo manning the camera). The powerboaters, jet-skiers, & other slow sailboats caused quite a bit of traffic conjestion behind the breakwall as we all vied for space to move safely and take photo ops at the same time.

I managed not to ram or be rammed & Geo got some nice shots!

Tall Ship With Browns Stadium

Tall Ship With Browns Stadium

Ship Approaching The Harbor

Ship Approaching The Harbor

We continued East to the end of the breakwall, then proceeded up as far as Bratenal before heading out & retuning to the marina.

Who's At The Helm?

Who's At The Helm?

Of course, we lost the wind & had to motorsail the last mile or so back in. As we approached the mouth of the river & the opening in the breakwall to return to the marina, we joined a returning ship, followed closely by the ‘Nautica Queen’ tour boat, as well as a swarm of other boaters coming into the same bottleneck. 

Roseway & Nautica Queen

Roseway & Nautica Queen

Nautica Queen

Nautica Queen

We slipped in between the Roseway & the Nautica Queen so George could get some shots.

Roseway Heading In

This was as close as we got, & I headed us starboard towards our Whiskey Island Marina – George grumbling, and me relieved to be away from all the traffic. If you’re not familiar with being out boating…just think about being in the parking lot of a Mall at Christmas time. Then think of how it would seem if there were no yellow lines to give traffic some semblance of order. Just everyone traveling any way they wished at any time…Motorscooters, muscle cars, sedans all at once.  That’s kind of how it feels.

Close As We Got!

Close As We Got!

A final look at one more boat… errr… ship…

S/V Denis Sullivan

S/V Denis Sullivan

Molly joined us in the cockpit for the last part of the voyage. We didn’t bring Lucy up tho…we’ll wait til we have less boat traffic for everyone to deal with.

1st Mate Molly

1st Mate Molly

Another lovely weekend…it’s so hard to go back to dirt dwelling. I love my home on the water. Adieu Outrageous…til next Friday!!

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We’ve been waiting interminably for this rainy, cold, miserable weather to let up long enough to finish the hull painting so we can get Outrageous back in the water. We were able to work last Sunday, and completed the bottom painting.

Next was cleaning, waxing & polishing the sides of the boat. We were able to complete 1 side. Then, rain until Wednesday. George worked, completing maybe 40% of the other side, and worked on the stern, which needed some sanding & refinishing. 

Expensive masking tape is worth the cost!!

Expensive masking tape is worth the cost!!

Today is beautiful, sunny, and warm. So he’s back at the marina again, trying to get it finished up for launching, perhaps this weekend.  So much for Spring in NE Ohio!! ARRRGGHHHHH!!

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Been doing some little things to make Outrageous more ‘homey’ Got my Singer out & down to the boat so I can do sewing projects on board.   Also have found a few things to add or replace.

Fish Headboard

George found this cute metal wall hanging & thought it would look great as a ‘headboard’. I had intended on making a padded headboard, so reading in bed would be nice &  ‘pluffy’. But I, too, thought it would be sorta neat –  so up it went!

I’ve made custom sheets & a custom comforter for the bed. Not hard, just something that needs to be fit & refit a number of times. Theyr’e not perfect yet, but pretty darn nice! I just started with ready-made items & remade them to size.

Mast Cozy

The mast is really not a decorating feature, and so I decided to make a ‘Mast Cozy’ for it. I found a great vinyl that looks like basket weave leather. I made it to have a velcro closure on the back side, and included pockets, as I have no night stand. The pockets hold my Sony eBook Reader, glasses, phone, etc. It also is velcroed from the bottom of the bed platform down to the base of the mast, to hold it in place on the bottom front side.

Mast Cozy Detail 2

I just love the look of this ..it turned out very nice and blends so well with the walls. The tassel was just a bit of whimsy….cute, eh?

Galley Curtains

Salon Curtains

I made some curtains for the salon & galley windows. They’re just temporary. Eventually George wants to re-upholster the setee & at that time I’ll do something else. But for now, they soften the room & add a little subtle color. The original accordian style pull-downs are still in place, but the velcro on them has deteriorated & too much trouble to repair for something we don’t even like.

Shower Curtain

On to the bathrooms heads! George installed a proper shower curtain rod. The original was a track into which ran little ‘buttons’ from a specialty item Boat/RV shower curtain. Very flimsy, old, and  proprietary. This is a curved shower curtain rod purchased at a local home improvement center. We then merely had to purchase standard rings & curtain, which I cut down to fit.

Forward Head Towel Holder


We also installed some wooden towel holders, one in the forward head, the other in the aft head. Again, from the home improvement store. No custom teak here, guys! (I took towels we were already using, and added the fabric edging –  scraps left from making my custom sheets.)

Lifevest Bag


I’d gotten some medium weight denim at a bargain price, so have made a lifevest bag for all the extras we have on hand and sleeves to hold our ‘doors’ when they’re not in use.



George wanted a simple way to keep our lines in order. He found small hooks which one puts elastic cord thru, forming a loop. The loop holds the coiled line, hooked onto the hook. This seems to be adequate, and was just a matter of cutting elastic cords to the proper length, tying the ends, and installing the holders.


At one time, boats over a certain size were required to have a ‘ship’s bell’. Well, we found one in amongst the ‘stuff’ the previous owners had left. I spent some time polishing it and cleaning the knotted cord. It is no longer required, but we hung it anyway. Certainly a nautical addition!


After removing the seat, we were short some seating. We had purchased 2 folding canvas chairs. They are comfortable, but if you want to stretch you legs out, there’s nowhere to really recline with them.  George found a reclining folding canvas chair that is GREAT! It’s not only comfortable sitting, it’s extremely comfy to recline – great for TV watching or snoozing a bit! Now, I realize that the color isn’t the greatest, but it was the end of the season & it was the only one available.  And when I’m sitting in it, I can’t tell what color it is, anyway!


A final, but very important purchase is the fishing net you see just at the lower edge of the bimini. This is not strictly a net for landing your catch, but is now known as a Molly Catcher.  You see, Molly the Boat Dog has become quite comfortable all over the boat, following me as I do chores above & below deck. We were out one nice morning –  I, cleaning some windows;  she, checking for bugs. 

I heard a ‘plop’. I turned my head. No Molly. Further exploration revealed a small, wet Chihuahua doing the dog paddle.  I ran below to retrieve the net, but by the time I got back, she was no where to be seen. She had swum under the dock next to her, then under the adjacent dock and was swimming between that dock & the shore. Using my trusty Molly Catcher, I scooped her and a clump of seaweed up and safely deposited her on the dock!  It was sort of a non-event for her – she ran up on the lawn, shook  the water off & rolled a bit, then started running about like nothing had happened.  But I sure was glad we had the Molly Catcher!!

So, now the Molly Catcher is secured in the cockpit…where it should be!

That’s about it for now…we’ve done other things, but have no pics to post & no one like reading just plain text.

Next installment, , our sailing adventures!!

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Low & behold…it’s already the end of August!

I haven’t posted since June – just enjoying the summer, doing boat projects, sailing (not NEAR enough of that…more later), learning about the boat and it’s little idiosyncrasies, and general hanging out.

Where to start? Well, George replaced a number of the hatches. The porthole windows & hatches were badly crazed from the extreme heat & sun of Florida, so 5 hatches were replaced. P1000159 Here’s a pic of how they all look. The hatches are now nice & clear –  we were concerned with safety if a lot of weight were placed on them. The portholes will just have to wait.






We found that the salon table can be set down to a lower position. Salon As Xtra BedA custom cushion could be made to convert the space into additional sleeping accomodations.  We doubt that ever will be an issue, but it’s nice to know it’s possible.







George removed the wood trim around the companionway & refinished it.  Companionway Wood TrimSo now we have nice, freshly finished wookwork, as the finish was quite worn & shabby looking before.










We also drained all 4 of our water tanks.  Galley Sole TankWe were able to clean 2 of the tanks of the sludge that remained. The other 2 were just so much of a hassle to acess that we didn’t clean them.










A connector broke where the water lines all converge, so until that is replaced, we don’t have running water.  Water Lines - Aft Port CabinSo I’ve had a crash course in water conservation! It’s amazing how little water I can get by with for cooking, dishwashing, etc. Not even really that big an inconvenience! A few gallon water bottles filled from the dock water line, some bottled water for drinking/cooking  & we’re all set for the weekend.

I sorta told George that as we have such a small amount of time to enjoy the boat, we should do just that, and leave projects for when it’s colder. So projects have become less of a priority…manana, as they say south of the border!

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While we’ve been waiting for the bottom to be painted, so we could launch, so we could put up the mast,  so we could put up the sails (whew), we’ve been making some changes aboard Outrageous.


I came down one day to find the settee removed from the salon! After discussing the pros & cons we decided that it opened the space up so much, and that we would get 2 chairs to replace the seating. Perhaps ‘director’s chairs’ which can be folded away.

Salon TV

George also suprised me with a new flat panel TV, which he mounted in the salon. Along with it, a DVD player. He has these installed , along with an HD antenna. 

While he was at it, he added an iPod connection to the radio mounted in the nav station.  So now we can listen to the iPod on the cabin stereo system. It also charges the iPod as when it’s plugged in, so no need to bring a charger. I’ts great!

Storage Compartment

Purchased some transparent storage bins with latching hinges.  I’m sure we’ll fill this quickly…when you’re used to a house, condensing your life into something this size will take some getting used to!

We had an impromptu cookout yesterday on the lawn adjacent to our slip. Folks got a 1st look at the boat, and several were pressed into service assisting George install the jib sail. A friend and I sat up on a picnic bench & watched the proceedings –  enjoying a day that I wasn’t working, but just doing hostessing duties for a change!

So now, it seems, we are ready to sail! Next step is to get some lessons under our belt.

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We were able to get Outrageous in the water Friday! Fred, the kindly fellow in charge of the boatyard, got us to our slip as we weren’t really all that enthused about taking her ourselves! He got her backed into the slip & we got her secured in place. She looks right at home…it’s a great location!

S/V Outrageous

Molly was there to assist on Saturday – what with all the tidying, figuring out systems, etc, her help was invaluable!

Outrageous & Molly

As I said, our location is great…straight up the ramp to the parking lot. We thought we’d like to be right in the midst of things…as newbies, we’ll have lots of opportunities to meet our neighbors. It’s also right next to a lovely little park area with trees & a tiny beach & picnic tables…all at our doorstep.  It’s so easy to take Molly over to the lawn for a moment – really just 20-30 feet or so! And the parking lot is right there as well. No schlepping stuff over long distances.

SV Outrageous At Home

A neighbor commented as he walked past ‘Think you’re missing something’.  Yeeaaah…..don’t have the mast up yet. They put up the mast AFTER it’s in the water…so, again we’re waiting. But at least waiting with the gentle movement of the water to lull us into complacency!

Before the boat went into the water, George had to finish painting the spots where the  boat was ‘up on blocks’. Then it had to sit for 4 hours before going in the water.  I took that time to clean the cockpit, and all the deck. There’s been quite a bit of dust, as the drydock is gravel.

After we were settled in our slip, I continued with stitching the Captain’s red wheel cover. About 5/8ths of it is complete. Not nearly as hard on my hands as I thought…only 2 fingers have to be taped for protection.

I broke up the task by doing a little more cleaning below.  I had brought CLR to attempt to clean all the faucets & drains. See http://www.shopclr.com/


The faucets were very bad…I really wanted to  buy new ones, but decided to try cleaning them before making a purchase. Let me tell you…that CLR not only removed the green yuk & the white scale, but also seemed to remove the ‘bumps’ or ‘pits’ I was attributing to deteriorating chrome finish.  It really does look like I replaced the old ones!

George just let me know that the mast & rigging is scheduled to go up on Thursday. Here’s hoping….seems that with a boat it’s always  ‘island time’… even if you’re still a land-lubber in Cleveland!

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So, George decided he wanted a red leather wheel cover. And who better to complete the task than the resident seamstress/jack of all trades? He purchased a wheel cover kit and brought the kit & wheel to the store, where I sit behind the counter at my desk sewing the cover in place.

Some workshop!

This is NOT a quick or relaxing chore. It’s hard on the hands.  Although the leather has been pre-punched, it takes a fair amount to push the needle thru the holes, and even more pulling to tauten the cord properly.  It has approx. 800 holes…my fingers will be a lot stronger by the time this little project is completed!! (Hope we have a good supply of the ol’ Ibuprophen!)

Sewing the wheel cover

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We’ve been re-purposing the port aft cabin as a storage room. We didn’t want to rip out the existing, but merely add storage accomodations. If we find that in the future we need it as a cabin, there would be only minor removal to make it fit as sleeping quarters.

Cushion Storage Shelf

Shelf Aft Wall Mounts

Shelf Floor Bracket

PVC pipe shelf to hold cockpit cushions.


We added a standard 3.3 cf  ‘dorm’ refrigerator. This will give us additional cold storage space when docked with shore power. George fastened it to the wall with metal straps screwed in place. He leveled it with plywood, painted black & screwed in place.

I, on the other hand, busied myself stripping the seal (and associated goo, residue & dirt) around the companionway stairs. We then applied a new foam seal. Also, we’re currently sanding & varnishing some areas around and in the companionway, as well as the stairs.

This was done while waiting for decent weather. We needed to scrape, sand & bottom paint. But a week plus of threatening weather delayed that project. 

George completed the sanding & painting last night, so now we’re waiting for the marina to get us in the water! After she’s in the water, we’ll get the mast up & rigged. This wait has been interminable. It’s been over 5 weeks and it seems like an eternity!!

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Molly made her 1st appearance on ‘Outrageous’ this weekend. There was a bit of apprehension, but with a little coaxing, she managed to make herself at home.

Molly On Board

She’s made acquaintance with a couple of the regular dogs, and had a run-in with a pair of  big guys who were a bit too exuberant in greeting her. But she held her own and let them know their wet advances weren’t appreciated!

Molly's Nose

Working My Way Down The Steps

George re-applied pinstriping to the sides of the boat and this week we’re supposed to have the hull spot sanded and bottom paint put on. THEN with a few more things to do, we should be able to get her in the water & the mast put up!!!

As a land based home owner, I haven’t had much experience with cleaning stainless steel. Our home just doesn’t have that much to contend with. And the environment is a dry one, not needing much maintenance.  But on our boat it seems that everywhere I turn there’s stainless steel or chrome that needs polishing or rust removed. (Don’t kid yourself – stainless steel WILL rust. How much depends on the quality)

I found an spray product left by the former owners made specifically for stainless. It did nothing.  So, I thought ‘what removes rust from steel?’ Well, I’ve heard Naval Jelly is a rust removal product. Yeah…if you leave it sit for 20 minutes or more, repeated applications may be needed. Nope…too much to do &  too little time to devote to this. Research on the internet did little but find more products that must sit and work for a lengthy period.

So, back to my kitchen for the home-maker’s solution…Barkeepers Friend.  ( http://www.barkeepersfriend.com/)  Let me tell you that a green kitchen scrubby & Barkeeper’s Friend worked fast, with little mess, and removed almost every bit of surface rust on every place I used it.  Don’t bother with those specialty marine products…a waste of money, far as I’m concerned!

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Our boat has arrived. The driver was at Whiskey Island at 10:00 am to deliver our boat.  “There’s our #%^*!*in’ boat” I yelled as we neared the exit from the freeway. She was driving straight past us on the access road that backtracks to the  marina from the shoreway. So we arrived tailing her down the road to the marina.

Positioning the trailer under the lift 4-3-09

Positioning the trailer under the lift 4-3-09


The whole procedure of getting her off the trailer actually only took a half hour or so. Of course, there was quite a bit of chitting and chatting afterwards, and the driver had to tidy up his rig, & take off the 2 extra tires he’d had on while carrying our 13′ 10″ wide boat.

Slinging the boat in the lift 4-3-09

Slinging the boat in the lift 4-3-09

Moving her to the dry dock area 4-3-09

Moving her to the dry dock area 4-3-09


The day started out with temperatures around 50 degrees and drizzling with a light breeze. We were fairly damp by the time they were done, but couldn’t have been happier.

A wet-but-happy Penny

A wet-but-happy Penny

George busy taking pictures

George busy taking pictures

The mast came off the trailer….boy, is it long!



The weather got progressively colder and blustery. The winds & rain picked up and it was pretty miserable outside. But we were busy below deck, getting acquainted with our new boat.  It seems the previous owners pretty much left everything.  Custom sheets & comforters, all galley items, cleaning supplies, mechanical maintenance supplies, line & PFD’s, BBQ, tools, spare parts (very few…a very casual boater)….on & on. They pretty much just walked away from it after the deal was done.

George left for an appointment, and I spent the afternoon emptying every nook & cranny I could get to. I’m limited right now, as the dinghy & motor (still in original shipping boxes) are sitting in the salon & on the forward berth. (that’s another story in itself) Both aft cabins are full of  stuff I haven’t been able to get to, so at the moment am concentrating on cleaning the galley, salon, forward head & cabin.

Although the former owners just walked away, the boat is suprisingly clean. Full of clutter, yes, but no major, ugly cleaning to do.

So much stuff!

So much stuff!

And MORE stuff!

And MORE stuff!

My first day on the boat left me feeling I’d accomplished a fair amount, and although there’s much to do, I made good headway on getting the initial cleaning done.  I also find that I won’t need to purchase a lot of the things right away…the things left may certainly not be my style, but are quite serviceable until the ‘just right’ ones come along (and budget allows!). My best Whoo-whoo’s so far are the binoculars & Corelle dinner ware they left. Don’t know yet if the binoculars are very good, and the dinner ware certainly isn’t my first choice in pattern, but for now, they’ll be just fine!

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