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February 13, 2009

It’s very frustrating just waiting for my boat. DH will be going to Florida to bring it home this spring, but that’s still months off. Having never seen the boat, except for pictures, there’s virtually nothing for me to do but wait.  And scheme and plan and daydream.

I don’t even really know what will come with the boat. When DH saw it, it was still full of the owner’s things…galley ware, bedroom linens, etc. So I don’t even know what, if anything, they’ll have left on board.  If they’re giving up boating entirely, they possibly will leave a lot of the ‘household’ items. So, there may be a number of things I may not need to purchase. And, not being familiar with the space, I don’t know how much room I’ll have for things.

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We’ve been planning on cruising for several years now. We’ve read so much, learned so much, and there is still a lifetime of learning left to do. We got our boat this past fall, so one of the major steps has been accomplished. (Learning how to sail is another!)

I’ve been compiling links to web sites for some time. I’m posting them here, hoping that they’ll be of use to folks who stumble upon this blog. Enjoy!


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