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Blue Angels Over Whisky Island 2010

Blue Angels Over Whisky Island 2010

Labor Day weekend usually signals the end of summer on Lake Erie, and the Cleveland Air Show is the Grand Finale.  Our Whiskey Island Marina is a perfect place to watch the air show without the throngs of people (althought recent years have seen a marked increase in ‘outsiders’ invading our hide-away). 

Weather for sailing, however was not the greatest.  Saturday was cold & wet and WAY too windy…with gusts over 40 mph & sustained at around 32. Sunday was far nicer. We went out on Sunday with some folks, but found the water very lumpy. We were unable to get enough wind to speed us over the waves, so it was a rough ride which brought mild mal de mer to one of the guests.  Ergo, the iron genny came on to plough us through the waves with less rocking & we ended our excursion earlier than we would have liked.

'Goodtime II' Air Show Cruise Off Whiskey Island

'Goodtime II' Air Show Cruise Off Whiskey Island

I made & donated a quilt to raffle for our boat club. We held a gyro & snow cone sale on Sunday.  I cut & sewed the top on Outrageous, and took it home to do the assembly & quilting.

Whiskey Island Boat Club Quilt

Whiskey Island Boat Club Quilt

Looks like no boating this weekend either. Others have conspired against us, but hopefully we’ll have some more nice weekends before the end of the boating season. 

But we DO have the Annapolis Boat show to look forward to in October!!!!

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Been doing some little things to make Outrageous more ‘homey’ Got my Singer out & down to the boat so I can do sewing projects on board.   Also have found a few things to add or replace.

Fish Headboard

George found this cute metal wall hanging & thought it would look great as a ‘headboard’. I had intended on making a padded headboard, so reading in bed would be nice &  ‘pluffy’. But I, too, thought it would be sorta neat –  so up it went!

I’ve made custom sheets & a custom comforter for the bed. Not hard, just something that needs to be fit & refit a number of times. Theyr’e not perfect yet, but pretty darn nice! I just started with ready-made items & remade them to size.

Mast Cozy

The mast is really not a decorating feature, and so I decided to make a ‘Mast Cozy’ for it. I found a great vinyl that looks like basket weave leather. I made it to have a velcro closure on the back side, and included pockets, as I have no night stand. The pockets hold my Sony eBook Reader, glasses, phone, etc. It also is velcroed from the bottom of the bed platform down to the base of the mast, to hold it in place on the bottom front side.

Mast Cozy Detail 2

I just love the look of this ..it turned out very nice and blends so well with the walls. The tassel was just a bit of whimsy….cute, eh?

Galley Curtains

Salon Curtains

I made some curtains for the salon & galley windows. They’re just temporary. Eventually George wants to re-upholster the setee & at that time I’ll do something else. But for now, they soften the room & add a little subtle color. The original accordian style pull-downs are still in place, but the velcro on them has deteriorated & too much trouble to repair for something we don’t even like.

Shower Curtain

On to the bathrooms heads! George installed a proper shower curtain rod. The original was a track into which ran little ‘buttons’ from a specialty item Boat/RV shower curtain. Very flimsy, old, and  proprietary. This is a curved shower curtain rod purchased at a local home improvement center. We then merely had to purchase standard rings & curtain, which I cut down to fit.

Forward Head Towel Holder


We also installed some wooden towel holders, one in the forward head, the other in the aft head. Again, from the home improvement store. No custom teak here, guys! (I took towels we were already using, and added the fabric edging –  scraps left from making my custom sheets.)

Lifevest Bag


I’d gotten some medium weight denim at a bargain price, so have made a lifevest bag for all the extras we have on hand and sleeves to hold our ‘doors’ when they’re not in use.



George wanted a simple way to keep our lines in order. He found small hooks which one puts elastic cord thru, forming a loop. The loop holds the coiled line, hooked onto the hook. This seems to be adequate, and was just a matter of cutting elastic cords to the proper length, tying the ends, and installing the holders.


At one time, boats over a certain size were required to have a ‘ship’s bell’. Well, we found one in amongst the ‘stuff’ the previous owners had left. I spent some time polishing it and cleaning the knotted cord. It is no longer required, but we hung it anyway. Certainly a nautical addition!


After removing the seat, we were short some seating. We had purchased 2 folding canvas chairs. They are comfortable, but if you want to stretch you legs out, there’s nowhere to really recline with them.  George found a reclining folding canvas chair that is GREAT! It’s not only comfortable sitting, it’s extremely comfy to recline – great for TV watching or snoozing a bit! Now, I realize that the color isn’t the greatest, but it was the end of the season & it was the only one available.  And when I’m sitting in it, I can’t tell what color it is, anyway!


A final, but very important purchase is the fishing net you see just at the lower edge of the bimini. This is not strictly a net for landing your catch, but is now known as a Molly Catcher.  You see, Molly the Boat Dog has become quite comfortable all over the boat, following me as I do chores above & below deck. We were out one nice morning –  I, cleaning some windows;  she, checking for bugs. 

I heard a ‘plop’. I turned my head. No Molly. Further exploration revealed a small, wet Chihuahua doing the dog paddle.  I ran below to retrieve the net, but by the time I got back, she was no where to be seen. She had swum under the dock next to her, then under the adjacent dock and was swimming between that dock & the shore. Using my trusty Molly Catcher, I scooped her and a clump of seaweed up and safely deposited her on the dock!  It was sort of a non-event for her – she ran up on the lawn, shook  the water off & rolled a bit, then started running about like nothing had happened.  But I sure was glad we had the Molly Catcher!!

So, now the Molly Catcher is secured in the cockpit…where it should be!

That’s about it for now…we’ve done other things, but have no pics to post & no one like reading just plain text.

Next installment, , our sailing adventures!!

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So, George decided he wanted a red leather wheel cover. And who better to complete the task than the resident seamstress/jack of all trades? He purchased a wheel cover kit and brought the kit & wheel to the store, where I sit behind the counter at my desk sewing the cover in place.

Some workshop!

This is NOT a quick or relaxing chore. It’s hard on the hands.  Although the leather has been pre-punched, it takes a fair amount to push the needle thru the holes, and even more pulling to tauten the cord properly.  It has approx. 800 holes…my fingers will be a lot stronger by the time this little project is completed!! (Hope we have a good supply of the ol’ Ibuprophen!)

Sewing the wheel cover

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February 13, 2009

It’s very frustrating just waiting for my boat. DH will be going to Florida to bring it home this spring, but that’s still months off. Having never seen the boat, except for pictures, there’s virtually nothing for me to do but wait.  And scheme and plan and daydream.

I don’t even really know what will come with the boat. When DH saw it, it was still full of the owner’s things…galley ware, bedroom linens, etc. So I don’t even know what, if anything, they’ll have left on board.  If they’re giving up boating entirely, they possibly will leave a lot of the ‘household’ items. So, there may be a number of things I may not need to purchase. And, not being familiar with the space, I don’t know how much room I’ll have for things.

Every week when (more…)

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We’ve been planning on cruising for several years now. We’ve read so much, learned so much, and there is still a lifetime of learning left to do. We got our boat this past fall, so one of the major steps has been accomplished. (Learning how to sail is another!)

I’ve been compiling links to web sites for some time. I’m posting them here, hoping that they’ll be of use to folks who stumble upon this blog. Enjoy!


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