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We’ve been waiting interminably for this rainy, cold, miserable weather to let up long enough to finish the hull painting so we can get Outrageous back in the water. We were able to work last Sunday, and completed the bottom painting.

Next was cleaning, waxing & polishing the sides of the boat. We were able to complete 1 side. Then, rain until Wednesday. George worked, completing maybe 40% of the other side, and worked on the stern, which needed some sanding & refinishing. 

Expensive masking tape is worth the cost!!

Expensive masking tape is worth the cost!!

Today is beautiful, sunny, and warm. So he’s back at the marina again, trying to get it finished up for launching, perhaps this weekend.  So much for Spring in NE Ohio!! ARRRGGHHHHH!!

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Thursday, 5/6/10

“I am SOOOOO Miserable….20% done!”

That statement comes via a text message from George. Along with pictures of his progress on the bottom painting.

We had the hull soda blasted last week..the paint was blistering in a few areas, and was very thick…measurable, in fact. With the paint removed, it’s now time to paint!

 As you may know, after taking it down to the bare glass, we need to put on a barrier coat, which is a 2 part epoxy type paint, and then cover that with an ablative bottom paint.  At this point, George is doing this solo…someone has to look after the store!

Soda blasting the  hull

Soda Blasting The Hull

How Big You Say This Is?

Bottom paint 1st coat

Friday 5/7/10

Dawn rose thru the clouds, and although it wasn’t raining, it looked like it could whenever it wanted to. But George decided the forecast wasn’t going to stop him and proceeds to the marina bright & early. As soon as he has the next batch of 2 part epoxy paint mixed together, it begans to sprinkle. Off to the home improvement store for tarps.

He was able to get 3’x50′ plastic at a very reasonable price & has it quickly taped into place. He’s ready. Now, as I write this several hours later, it’s sunny and almost cloudless. Had he not gotten his tarp, we would have had a storm of epic proportions I’m quite certain!!

Tarp ‘Skirt’…in case it rains!

You will notice a lack of George’s smiling face in any of  the pics, as of course he’s the one taking them. No action shots of him manning the brush or roller. We’ve got a forecast of 90% rain for Saturday, and only a high in the low 50’s for Sunday. So this might be it for painting for a few days.

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