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When I think about our boat and what our life will be like, I keep thinking about all the things I want to do….that I’ve set aside or never started because of the business life I’ve been leading all these years.  Having time to devote to my artistic muse…whether it be painting or sewing or cooking or crafting or playing the guitar….doesn’t matter….so long as I get the time for something.

Yes, owning a boat & cruising is a lot of work in itself.  But the work is only slightly different than keeping up one’s home and property.  If you retire & continue to live in a house, you still have to take care of house-keeping chores, lawn maintenance, household repairs, etc.  And have the same view out your windows, the same neighbors that have always been there, the same everything. On the other hand, if you’re cruising, there’s always  a new view, new neighbors, and you get to fix your boat  or scrub the toilet in exotic places! 

A friend of mine says that I’ll end up doing all the chores…DH just procrastinates & things don’t get done. I say…so what’s any different? Just replace weeding with bottom scrubbing, vacuuming with filter and oil replacement….get the idea?  Again…different, but similar.  

 Another friend said that he’d be bored silly in a couple of days…how many times can you really go swimming & snorkeling & beachcombing & exploring, after all?  He’s a computer guy…spends a lot of his free time holed up in his basement office with his computers.  Gee, I thought…I can mess around on computers just like he does…except I can do it in exotic places, not have to look at those same old basement walls day after day, and can take a refreshing swim if I get frustrated with a computer ‘glitch’.

My sister, (as well as others) expresses a fear of us getting attacked by pirates.  People hear about an incident or 2 and are convinced that everyone out cruising is likely to be accosted.  Yes, piracy is very real, just as muggings and robberies and murders are.  But you are far more likely to be put in jeopardy walking or driving in your own community than I am cruising the ocean.  

A friend says how could I possibly stand to be with DH 24/7. That I’d probably have to shoot him dead.  Well, the way I got it figured, if we’re traveling, we’ll be on 3-4 hour watch, so we wouldn’t see a lot of each other during those times. We also have very different sleep patterns…he stays up real late, I get up exceedingly early.  If we’re staying someplace, there’s always chores to be done…solo.  And, DH is very gregarious, so it wouldn’t take him long to find some buddies to hang out with.  Anyway, for the most part I enjoy DH’s company, and look forward to exploring part of the world together!



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We’ve been planning on cruising for several years now. We’ve read so much, learned so much, and there is still a lifetime of learning left to do. We got our boat this past fall, so one of the major steps has been accomplished. (Learning how to sail is another!)

I’ve been compiling links to web sites for some time. I’m posting them here, hoping that they’ll be of use to folks who stumble upon this blog. Enjoy!


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